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TEXAS NEIGHBORS | SPRING 2017 ...come home to your heritage ™ C ARY D IETZMANN BROKER ASSOCIATE 979.203.3942 works, Masabni said. Mulching is another option. But a common mistake many gardeners make with mulching is putting down too thin of a layer on the soil. “You’ve got to put a four-or five-inch thick layer to block light from reaching the soil, so weeds can’t germinate,” Masabni said. Planting a garden can have its share of challenges, but with steady maintenance it can yield a bountiful har-vest. “The key to a successful garden for anybody is to be in the garden regularly,” Masabni said. He recommends spend-ing five minutes in the gar-den every day rather than two hours once a week. No matter if you’re a seasoned gardener or a beginner, there’s always room for improvement. “Don’t be afraid of fail-ure and don’t be discour-aged if a plant isn’t performing well,” Masabni said. “Learn from it. Ask yourself what happened so you can do better next time.” F ARM ✪ R ANCH A CREAGE C OUNTRY L IVING www.har.com/carydietzmann Wildlife Habitat in Demand! WWW.TEXASFARMBUREAU.ORG

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