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Faith, Family on the Farm

Jessica Domel

Farming isn’t easy. But with a little bit of faith, a whole lot of love and the help of family and friends, cultivating a crop can often mean leaving a lasting legacy.

Rich tradition and strong legacy are nothing new to Colby White. The sixth generation farmer works with his father, Clint, and grandfather, Dan, every day on their farm in White City near Vernon.

“I take a lot of pride in that. It’s a good thing. It’s a blessing to make it and say we’ve made it that long and hopefully keep going with the future generations. I’m proud of it,” Colby said.

There’s no way to put a value on the lifetime worth of lessons Colby has learned from his father and grandfather. He says he benefits from their experience and learns from their mistakes.

But Colby isn’t the only one who benefits from farming with family.

When he was Colby’s age, Clint, too, farmed with his father and grandfather growing peanuts, cotton, wheat and guar.

“It’s been really nice to be able to work with him. We all have our different opinions, but we all get along really good. We may have an idea for this or that, but it doesn’t ever turn into a feud or anything. It’s ‘okay, we’ll do that.’ If six months down the road that decision works, we’ll do it that way next time,” Clint said.

The trio doesn’t have specific roles on the farm. They each step in when needed to ensure everything is cared for.

“We rely on each other. There are times that I need to be at a meeting or serve on another board. I serve on the Texas Peanut Board. I’ve got meetings here and there. Then, either my dad or Colby will keep checking the water or whatever. We just kind of fill in for each other,” Clint said.

This year, grandfather Dan will harvest his 61st crop. Things have changed over the past six decades, but one thing remains the same.

“I farmed a few years. I finally realized that God called me to be a farmer. That’s what I’ve done all my life. It’s rewarding. It’s helping others and serving our fellow man,” Dan said.

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