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A truly-Texan Cheeseburger

High school football. Blue Bell ice cream. Homecoming mums. From events to decorations and favorite foods, everything is bigger and better in Texas—including our favorite cheeseburger. What better way to make a larger-than-life cheeseburger than with down-home, Texas-grown ingredients?

Bun: About six million acres of wheat are planted each year in Texas and about 45 percent is used to feed cattle. One bushel, or 60 pounds of wheat, will make 90 one-pound loaves of bread or plenty of hamburger buns!

Cheese: An average Texas dairy has 909 cows, which produce 16.1 million pounds of milk per year. That milk can be used to make a lot of cheese and milkshakes!

Lettuce: Farmers and gardeners in many regions of Texas grow lettuce for their tables and yours. Spinach lovers, growers like Ed Ritchie, plant fields and fields of baby and regular spinach to make your burger extra special.

Pickles: The best pickles come from the best cucumbers. For Best Maid lovers, many of their cucumbers come from growers in areas like Hale County.

Tomatoes: There’s nothing better than a Texas tomato. Greenhouses in the Rio Grande Valley, Winter Garden and other areas ensure tasty red tomatoes year-round.

Read the full article at http://texasneighbors.texasfarmbureau.org/article/A+truly-Texan+Cheeseburger/2512350/312976/article.html.

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